Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Can I buy lottery tickets online?

In effect yes. You can play and win most lottery games by buying tickets online. Tickets can be purchased through legitimate third party services.

Which third party services?

There is a small selection of these businesses online. Read about each of them here.

And I’ll get my winnings?

Yes. Collectively these sites have paid out millions of to thousands of happy customers.

So how does it work?

Choose your lottery and lottery numbers after registering with an online lottery retailer. Then buy lottery tickets online with your chosen payment method. The site you have chosen will then purchase the ticket in your name.

What if I win?

A jackpot win would be real cause for celebration. The site you’ve purchased a ticket on will be delighted to hand over your jackpot winning ticket. This will require you travel to the official lottery offices where you will claim your jackpot as normal.

What about other cash prizes?

Each site treats smaller cash prizes a little differently. Their procedures are fully explained in each site review. Generally prizes of less than $5000 are paid to you online by a method of your choice. Above 5000 will require a direct bank transfer. Note: many official lottery organizations can take up to 28 days to pay out larger cash prizes.

Can I play online from ?

Yes. As long as you can make payments online, you can use online lottery ticket services to play and win any available lottery. Prize payment information is above. Be aware that in the event of a jackpot you would have to travel to the country of the lottery and collect your cheque from lottery officials.

To conclude: The ability to buy lottery tickets online is available to allow you to play lottery games in other countries. This can be done if you favour the odds/prizes/structure/jackpot size of a lottery in another country. These services are highly valued by the world community who enjoy lottery games.