Conga Lotto Scam or Not?


Conga pride themselves on offering alternative ways to participate in a wide range of lotteries from all around the world. While they are yet another site that does not offer single ticket purchases they have a great wealth of syndicates. When participating in each lottery you have to choose a minimuim number of entries for each draw (as displayed for each game below). What makes Conga Lotto unique is that for many lottery games they offer the chance to play with surplus numbers.

For example in the German Lotto you have to pick 5 main numbers. Conga offers you the ability to pick several extra numbers, 8, 9, 10 or 11. When you select 8 numbers you purchase 1 ticket for each combination of 5 numbers that you can create with the 8 numbers you’ve chosen. Naturally the more numbers you select the greater amount of tickets you’ll require and the higher the price. This system is called wheeling and if you’re into this sort of thing then Conga Lotto’s system of creating all the variables is a great time saver.

They also offer subscriptions that allow you to enter your numbers for several consecutive drawings meaning you can continually play and be charged with no hassle at all. Conga also offer syndicate models for certain lottery games, and those are noted in the list below. We have included the minimum number of lines you must play for each game and the minimum cost for your information.

  • Germany Lotto, 6 entries minimum, €15, Play Now
  • France Lotto, 5 entries minimum, €30, Play Now
  • UK National Lottery, 5 entries minimum, €17.50, Play Now
  • Irish Lotto, 5 entries minimum, €22.50, Play Now
  • Mega Sena, 5 entries minimum, €10.00, Play Now
  • UK Thunderball, 3 entries minimum, €12.50, Play Now
  • Canada Lotto 6/49, 5 entries minimum, €30.00, Play Now
  • U.S.A Hot Lotto, 5 entries minimum, €12.50, Play Now
  • Hoosier Lotto, 5 entries minimum, €12.50, Play Now
  • California Super Lotto, 5 entries minimum, €12.50, Play Now
  • U.S.A Powerball, 3 entries minimum, €15.00, Play Now
  • Florida Lotto, 5 entries minimum €12.50, Play Now
  • New York Lotto, 6 entries minimum, €7.50, Play Now
  • Oz Powerball, 6 entries minimum, €7.50, Play Now
  • SuperenaLotto, 6 entries minimum €10.50, Play Now [[ Syndicate: 90 members share 86 entries €2.50 per draw ]]
  • La Primativa 6 entries minimum €42.00, Play Now
  • Euromillions, 5 entries minimum, €30.00, Play Now [[ Syndicate: 100 members share 55 entries €5 per draw ]]
  • Mega Millions 5 entries minimum, €12.50, Play Now [[ Syndicate: 60 members share 46 entries €4.50 a draw ]]
  • El Gordo, 3 entries minimum, €18.00, Play Now
  • Oz Lotto, 5 entries minimum, €12.50, Play Now

Payment Options, Winnings, & Site Encryption

The standard methods of payment are offered by Conga as listed below. They also accept money by bank transfer and western union, however the costs of any transfers will be the responsibility of the player.

  • Visa
  • Visa Debit
  • Mastercard
  • American Express/AMEX
  • Delta
  • JCB
  • Skrill Moneybookers
  • UKash
  • Token Pay
  • Western Union

Their policies on paying out winnings are identical to that of WinTrillions -they’re run under the same umbrella. In the first instance with prizes under €600 (€457) they will happily collect the prize on your behalf and credit it to you, whether to your online account to buy more tickets, or by bank wire (at your expense), or even by sending a cheque as a final resort. If the winnings are over this amount (€600/€457) then you will be sent a claims form of the respective lottery you entered to fill out, sign and send back for processing, therein Conga will again send your winnings by bank wire or cheque. They do state in their terms that for huge prizes (into the hundreds of thousands/millions) it is best if you are to come to their offices in the U.S and collect the ticket from their offices in person. As a final resort you can also have your winning ticket mailed/couriered to you, but this as always is at your own cost and risk.

Just like WinTrillions these guys have a 256 bit SSL certificate securing all the payments made through their site.


Sadly while Conga have the most variation in lotto playing options they do not appear to offer any special bonuses at this time. Lets hope this changes!


Conga live chat support isn’t the fastest in the world, and it’s often offline, it is however present and they can answer any of your questions. The email support is again helpful and polite but may take up to 48 hours to respond.

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