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Italy’s national lottery game of choice is the Super EnaLotto. This big jackpot game is famous all over the world for providing some of the biggest cash prizes of any national lottery of comparable size. What also makes the Super EnaLotto so popular is the various different ways it can be played, and the extra games to be enjoyed such as the Super EnaLotto SuperStar and the SiVince Tutto.

With Super EnaLotto live draws held 3 times each week the rollover jackpots quickly reach enormous amounts. Such huge jackpots have given the game demand outside of Italy and online ticket sales increase every day as more and more people from all over the world their their chance at the Super EnaLotto millions.


The history of the Super EnaLotto begins in 1950 with the creation of the EnaLotto Italian national lottery game. This game was created for everyone all over Italy to enjoy and it would offer bigger prizes than the smaller regional Lottomatica lottery games operating at the time. In April 1996 the Italian Minister for Finance handed control of the game over to private Italian betting company, SISAL. SISAL saved the EnaLotto from falling sales and popularity by restructuring the game and renaming it the Super EnaLotto upon their takeover.

Both the EnaLotto and Super EnaLotto operated with a small flaw in their odds of winning which was not corrected until 2009. Previous to this the numbers used for the Super EnaLotto result were taken from a combination of numbers already draw in the 7 smaller Lottomatica regional draws in Florence, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Milan, Bari and the Jolly Number coming from Venice. The first number of each regional draws result was used as an EnaLotto/Super EnaLotto number. If the first number of any region had already been used for the Super EnaLotto result then the next number was used. This system created a statistically tiny possibility that a draw could be impossible to win in the event of an unavoidable duplicate number. Thankfully the rule change on July 1st 2009 which created a fresh draw dedicated to the Super EnaLotto fixed this small problem.

How To Play

Aside from the huge jackpots one of the other contributing factors to the Super EnaLotto is the unique and varied ways in which it can be played. When purchasing a ticket you can actually play in such a way that increases your chances of winning a prize, helping you to beat the Super EnaLotto odds. A simple standard Super EnaLotto entry consists of 6 different numbers that the player chooses from 1-90, beyond this however a player may choose to select 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers and purchase a separate entry for each different combination of 6 numbers that can be made from the numbers you chose. For example pick 7 numbers and you must buy 7 entries, select 8 numbers and you must buy 28 entries.

This is true for playing online, however when purchasing a Super EnaLotto ticket from a retailer direct in Italy you may select as many numbers as you wish -provided you can buy an entry for each possible combination of 6. The Super EnaLotto also contains additional games known as the Super EnaLotto Superstar and the SiVinceTutto which are explained in those links.

Once you have purchased your Super EnaLotto entry online you must catch the relevant draw. Super EnaLotto live draws are held three times each week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 19:00 GMT. During the Super EnaLotto live draw the 6 numbers are chosen at random from a machine containing 90 numbered balls, in addition a 7th “Jolly Number” is also chosen at random from those 90. The Jolly Number helps players who only matched 5 main numbers win a second place prize.

Match numbers from your ticket with the results to win cash prizes, match all 6 numbers to win the Super EnaLotto jackpot prize!

Live Draw

Below is an example of a Super EnaLotto live draw held in Italian

Super EnaLotto Prizes

The Super EnaLotto has 5 different prize categories that are won on a parimutuel basis. This means that prizes are a percentage of the prize fund and the prize fund is created from the percentage of the ticket sales that is set aside to be given back to the players as prizes. Players winning in each category share the prize fund percentage with other winners of the same category. The percentages given for each prize category are balanced against the average amount of winners in that category to ensure that the more numbers you match the bigger the cash prize you win -regardless of how many people you share the prize with.

The distribution of Super EnaLotto ticket sale money is as follows: 34.648% is used for the prize fund, 53.6% to the government which is used to improve social conditions in Italy, 8% to the retailers selling the tickets and 3.7% to SISAL in profits for running the game.

Want to know how much your Super EnaLotto numbers are worth? Below is a table showing the percentage of the prize fund given for each winning number match, as well as an average cash prize for that category.

Numbers Matched Percentage Of Prize Fund Average Cash Prize
6 20% Jackpot
5 + Jolly Number 20% €469,356
5 15% €81,969
4 15% €324.97
3 30% €17.50

Super EnaLotto Odds

The chance to win the Super EnaLotto depends on which prize category you are winning in, of which there are 5 in total. While the Super EnaLotto jackpot odds are among the highest in the world this is countered by the low ticket cost and the ability to improve your chances to win the Super EnaLotto dramatically by choosing a systems entry with more than 6 numbers (as explained above).

Unusually the Super EnaLotto offers the best odds for its 3rd prize category which are extremely competitive VS any other national lottery game offering a similar cash prize.

Below is a complete table of Super EnaLotto winning number matches and the cash prize for each.

Numbers Matched Odds Of Matching
6 1 in 622,614,630
5 + Jolly Number 1 in 103,769,105
5 1 in 1,250,230
4 1 in 11,907
3 1 in 327

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