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Play Huge Lottos

Play Huge Lottos Review

PlayHugeLottos Deposit Bonus

Double Your Money With A 100% Deposit Bonus

If you register with PlayHugeLotto’s and deposit money to your online account, the money you deposited will be doubled and you’ll have 100% extra in your account to purchase tickets with.

Take advantage of this bonus here

Operating since 1998 PlayHugeLottos is proud to boast a 100% pay out rate on all lottery winnings. Everyday cash prizes are won by lucky lottery players but PlayHugeLotto’s has paid out some particularly large winnings. The biggest cash prize winner on PlayHugeLotto’s was a man from South Africa who in 2006 won €704,436 in the UK National Lottery.

The latest big winner was a 46 year old man from Mumbai, India who won €114,178 for matching 5 plus the bonus ball in the UK National lottery on 12th of March 2011. PlayHugeLottos have also paid out €145,409 to another man aged 52 in Pretoria, South Africa on the 10th of February 2010 for matching 5 main numbers in the U.S.A Powerball

The SuperEnaLotto and EuroMillions have also been profitable for players with PlayHugeLottos. On the 19th August 2009 a 24 year old man from Johannesburg had his life changed when he won €39,708 for matching 5 SuperEnaLotto numbers. The EuroMillions paid out €689,551 through PlayHugeLotto’s to a 27 year old man from Oslo, Norway on the 8th of October for matching 5 Main Numbers and 1 Lucky Star.

Of course with cash prizes being won all the time with PlayHugeLottos you will find a running count of each winner running across the top of their home page. Regular winnings are paid out while players keep entering their favourite lottery patiently waiting for their big win.

To read about more happy PlayHugeLotto customers read their real customer testimonials


As well as the double deposit bonus PlayHugeLottos also offers an excellent loyalty rewards system, every time you purchase a ticket you generate “lotto points” lotto points can be used on vouchers for free lottery entries. Refer a friend to PlayHugeLottos and you’ll also receive 5 free Super EnaLotto entries.

All in all the bonuses offered by PlayHugeLotto’s makes it more fun and profitable to play your favourite lottery games online.

Payment Options, Winnings, & Site Encryption

Play Huge Lottos has an enormous range of payment methods. As well as the standard instant methods of payment using Visa, Mastercard and Amex, there are other instant methods involving Neteller and Ukash. Moneybookers is also available, as well as direct bank transfer to credit yur account. The real wealth of options however with Play Huge Lottos comes with how well they have integrated with multiple international Ewallets that specialise in processing payments from certain countries including:

  • (Bulgaria)
  • WebMoney (Russia)
  • NeoSurf (Belgium, France, Italy, Spain)
  • CashU (Middle East)
  • Ewire (Denmark)
  • Moneta (Russia)
  • POLi (Australia)
  • DineroMail (South America)
  • Euteller (Finland)
  • Giropay (Netherlands)
  • Boleto Bancário (Brazil)
  • Przelewy24 (Poland)
  • Sofort (Germany, Italy, France)
  • EPS (Austria)
  • Instabank GluePay (Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia)
  • Lobanet (Argentina, Chile)

As you can see, there’s an enormous range of payment options, there will be one to suit just about everyone. When it comes to paying out winnings PlayHugeLottos will either use EFT (electronic funds transfer) where they have a local bank. If not they will resort to an international bank wire. As a last resort the site can also offer you a cheque for your winnings, however this is not preferable.

Should you win an amount over €100,000 the site promises to arrange for an independent financial adviser to assist ‘with decisions regarding your payment and financial management’.


Through their email support you will often receive a response within 48 hours, but they also offer live chat support which is very responsive and can handle nearly any issue you have. PlayHugeLotto’s pride themselves on their security so they may disable payments from an account from time to time if they believe something suspicious may be going on, until they’ve resolved the issue.

Lottery Games Available

PlayHugeLottos may not have the largest range of games available but their prices per ticket are the most competitive on the web

  • Powerball: €4.80 per line, Play Now
  • Superenalotto: €3.00 per line, Play Now
  • Euromillions: €4.50 per line, Play Now
  • Oz Powerball: €1.50 per line, Play Now
  • El Gordo: €3.50 per line, Play Now
  • MegaSena: €3.00 per line, Play Now
  • Mega Millions: €4.00 per line, Play Now
  • OzLotto €2.30 per line, Play Now
  • Super Lotto Plus: €3.25 per line, Play Now
  • UK National Lottery: €3.50 per line, Play Now
  • France Loto: €4.50 per line, Play Now
  • Euro Jackpot: €5.00 per line, Play Now
How To Play Lotto Online

How To Play Lotto Online

Playing Lotto online is an actuality a lot simpler than playing it in real life. So when it comes to the question of how to play lotto online this short guide should explain very quickly how it’s done. Granted every lottery game is different, and every online lottery site operates in slightly different fashions, but ultimately they’re all pretty much the same.

Once you know which lottery game you’d like to play and understand the odds and prizes involved you may need some more information about playing the lotto online. Here is a link to one of our trusted partners who broker lottery tickets online. To read more about them click here, otherwise visit their site with the big red link below, or read on to find out more about how to play lottery games online.

>> Lottery Tickets Online Here <<

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How To Pay To Play Lotto Online

In all of the trusted lotto sites we have reviewed you will find that they accept all the major credit/debit cards. The money is usually taken from your card and kept in an online account with their site. Your money is then used from the account on site to purchase tickets.

Other methods to put money in this online account include using Moneybookers and Sofort. These are especially helpful if the bank who authorizes payments from your card rejects the payment to a lottery ticket site on the grounds of it being ‘gambling’ which many credit card companies see as ‘high risk’. Paypal is a no go with these types of payment as the company completely avoids anything gambling related.

Winning Prizes When You Play Lotto Online

A lottery just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t sometimes win some cash, whether it’s the big jackpot prize or a smaller tier prize of just a few Euro you can trust the sites we review here to pay out winnings. But how is it done?

Usually with smaller prize amounts, e.g anything under €500, you will find the money paid into your ‘online account’ within minutes of winning it. This is because with smaller prizes the company you have bought the ticket from will pay you the prize amount out of their own wallet before claiming the prize on the ticket.

For prizes over €500 a waiting period of 28 days often applies. This isn’t due to the slow processing of the site, rather it’s because the site themselves have to wait 28 days to claim prizes of several hundred Euros.

How Safe Is It To Play Lotto Online

Playing Lotto Online is as safe as houses providing you use the right sites. There are a great deal of lottery scams out there but you can be sure that if we’ve reviewed a site then it’s a trustworthy source of whatever lottery you’d like to play.

Your guarantee if all else fails is the confirmation email you receive of the lottery numbers you chose as well as the credit card statement or receipt that proves the money used to pay for the ticket was your money. This also proves that the ticket was purchased for you on your behalf.

Lotto Guide

Lotto Guide

Lotto Guide Dot Org is your chief resource for all matters pertaining to playing lottery games online. Whether it’s ticket purchasing or prize claiming you will find the information you require here.

What will I Find On Lotto Guide Dot Org

This website aims to provide you all the information you could need about playing games of lotto online. The site will include reviews of all the major and trusted online lotto ticket brokers. You will also find a lotto guide for each of the lotto games available online. Rules on how to play, as well as information about the odds of winning and prizes for many popular games. For more information about how to buy a lottery ticket online then please read our handy guide.

Buy A Lottery Ticket Online

Buy A Lottery Ticket Online

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Have you a favourite lottery game that you’d like to be able to play from the convenience of your own home? If so then you’re probably wondering how you buy a lottery ticket online. Fortunately you will find that most lottery games from around the world are available for you to play online, and entering them is relatively simple.

While every lottery game is played slightly differently if you have no understanding of how to play a lottery game over the internet then you should probably read on!

How Do I Pay The Money To Buy A Lottery Ticket Online?

You will be hard pressed to find a site online that sells lottery tickets and does not accept the major credit/debit cards. While the trusted lottery sites we recommend have the correct securities involved with processing a credit card online, there is a small caveat; many authorising banks to not allow these transactions. Online transactions to buy lottery tickets are viewed as ‘gambling’ and you may need to consult with your authorising bank to request they permit such payments.

Alternatively you can use your credit card to deposit money with an intermediary company such as MoneyBookers or Sofort, although forget about Paypal as they refuse to be involved with any ‘gambling’ elated transactions. If these online methods fail then some of the sites even allow for money to be sent by direct bank transfer, although this method can be time consuming and costly.

When you register with a lottery site and purchase a ticket you will open an ‘online account’ with them through which all lottery ticket purchasing money, and prizes won, will pass through.

How Easy Is It To Collect Winnings When I Buy A Lottery Ticket Online?

Lottery tickets purchases online are just as eligible to claim their winnings as those purchased in real life. Every online lottery site processes the payment of winnings differently. However it is standard for smaller prize amounts of under €500 to be in your ‘online account’ within a day of the win. From that online account you can withdraw the money as cash to your bank account or credit card account. It is important to understand that in the case of prize amounts over €500 the official lottery organiser may take up to 28 days to pay out the prize. By lottery organiser we do not mean the online agent who sold you the ticket, as they will also have to wait up to 28 days for the prize to be paid to them.

In this instance it is not unusual to have to wait over 28 days for prize amounts over €500. In the eventuality that you should win a jackpot many of the lottery websites would be excited to promote that their site has created a millionaire, thus they may be happy to cover all your expenses to visit the lottery’s host country to claim your prize in person.

You should definitely also be aware that when it comes to withdrawing money from your online account to your real bank account, there may be some international transfer fees involved. Some online lotto sites might also be geared up to take a tiny percentage of your winnings.

Is It Safe To Buy A Lottery Ticket Online?

Yes. With a trusted online ticket agent you can be sure that your ticket is safe and that if you win you will receive your prizes. At LottoGuide we recommend using TheLotter as players receive a scan of their ticket as proof it exists.

Regardless of the ticket scan though you will also receive a confirmation email with each ticket purchased. This confirmation email acts as your proof of purchase and also serves as further proof that the ticket purchased is yours and that any winnings from it are rightfully yours also.