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EuroJackpot Introduction

Introducing The EuroJackpot

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On Friday the 23rd March the first drawing will be held for a big new pan-European lottery. This new game looks set to become a serious competitor to the Euro Millions and may just gain huge popularity worldwide. The name of this up and coming lotto is the EuroJackpot, and it’s prizes, rules and odds look set to propel it into the limelight. To gain a better understanding of how this game will work and how you could benefit then read on!

While the Euro Jackpot is played in a very similar fashion to the EuroMillions, it makes some small changes in it’s rules that makes a huge difference to it’s winning odds. Tickets will cost €2 as well as any service fees added by online lottery ticket dealers. When you’re purchasing a ticket you must choose 7 numbers from 2 sets. Firstly you choose 5 different numbers from a set of 1-50 and then you choose 2 different numbers from a set of 1-8. These number choices give you an approximate chance of 1 in 59 million to successfully match them all with the numbers drawn each Friday in Helsinki.

The results of each Friday evening draw will be available online within minutes of their appearing live on television in the game’s host nations. Beating the odds and matching all 7 numbers will see you win a minimum prize of €10,000,000. The organisers of the game promise to make at least that amount available each week. Rollovers can of course occur when the jackpot isn’t win but the maximum amount the prize can rollover to is €90,000,000.

While many of you might have your heart set on a jackpot prize, don’t forget that there are 11 other non-jackpot prize categories. The smallest prize available in these categories is approximately €8, and the largest will be several hundred thousands. Naturally the fewer numbers you match the smaller your prize, to a minimum of 3 matching numbers. With fewer numbers matched and smaller prizes the odds of course increase.


Euro Millions Lottery Syndicates

Lately the UK has been boasting the winners of many Euro Millions jackpots.UK Ticket holders have been responsible for the last 5 jackpot wins in a row. In the past two weeks the winners of some very big prizes have actually been syndicate members. For the uninformed, a syndicate is a group of people who pool their money to purchase several tickets. Each member of the syndicate has a ‘stake’ in each ticket, and naturally prizes generated by the tickets are split between every syndicate member.

As you’ve probably figured out, your odds of winning a prize increases dramatically when you play with a syndicate. The downside of being in a syndicate is that when a prize is won it has to be split between all of the syndicate members. The Euromillions lottery is special however because with it’s enormous prizes you can still become a multi-millionaire despite having to split the cash with several others. Do you like the sound of life changing sums of money and a far better chance of winning the Euro Millions? Then a syndicate could be just the way for you to play.

The last enormous Euro Millions jackpot was won by 12 syndicate members in the UK. Friday’s draw had a top prize up for grabs of €45 million. This prize while being won by 1 ticket will be split between the 12 syndicate members who have a stake in that ticket. The lucky 12 are bus drivers from Northamptonshire, England. One of the workers at the Kettering bus depot said of his colleagues who had won “We worked out who they were though because seven of them… never turned up for work, and to be fair I don’t blame them”. One of the winners even walked out halfway through his shift after finding out he had won just over €3 million.

A week previous to this a syndicate made up of Berlino’s Steak House and Berwick Rotary Club members has won €1.2 million. The prize is one of the millionaire raffle winning tickets and was owned by 31 winners total. Each player has received roughly €38,709 each. “It was a lovely surprise” said Allan Collett the manager of the Rotary Club.

Israel New Lotto

How To Play Israel New Lotto

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The Israel Lotto while not very well known around the world is actually one of the more favourable games you can play. Because the game is so well enjoyed by the players that do know of it, the game is available to play online. However if you’re not from Israel chances are you don’t know or don’t have access to the rules. The game is run by the Israeli lottery company Mifal Hapayis, and it’s name is the New Lotto. Interestingly enough this game is also one of the oldest lottery games in the world, tracing its roots back to 1951.

The game is still enjoyed to this day with a format of 6/37 and 1/8. This means that players must select 6 different numbers from a pool of 37 and 1 number from a pool of 8. The number picked from the pool of 8 is known as the Chazak (strong) number. Naturally you may also chose to have all your numbers chosen at random for you by a computer. Once you have chosen all your numbers and purchased a ticket all you have to do is await the draw.

As you would expect matching all 6 main numbers and your 1 Chazak number is what is required to secure a New Lotto jackpot. However failing this there are many other prize categories to win some cash in. If you match all six numbers but fail to match the Chazak number you are eligible for a second prize. Matching less numbers down to a minimum of 3 will ensure you receive some cash prize from the New Lotto.

The odds of claiming a New Lotto top prize are approximately 1 in 18.59 million! These relatively favourable odds are much better than games such as the Euro Lottery with it’s odds of 1 in 117 million. While the regular prizes of €2 million to €3 million can’t compare to the huge Euro Lottery Prizes, the far better odds of winning make the New Lotto a most attractive game for competitive lotto players. Play New Lotto Online here