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Mega Millions Jackpot

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A The previous Mega Millions jackpot record of $380 million has been completely beaten on Saturday by an advertised prize of $640 million! This enormous rollover has come to a stop with three lucky tickets successfully matching the numbers 2, 4 , 23, 38, 46 and Mega Ball 23 to gain an equal share in the fortune! The winners have yet to claim their prizes but so far we know for their their of Red Bud Illinois, North-east Kansas and Maryland.

Just how much of a landmark draw was this though? Well for one thing the store owners who sold the winning tickets have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses just for creating these three winners! Each winner will receive $213 million each, while 3 other non jackpot winners can still expect to be made millionaires, and a full 158 people will still win $250,000 each! Beating the odds of 175 million to 1 was no trouble for the Red Bud winner, who let a machine randomly pick the numbers for their ticket.

The Mega Millions was on the mind of many lottery enthusiasts all over the world. All eyes were on this record breaking jackpot -the largest cash prize in lottery history. So popular was this draw that in America alone almost $1.5 billion was spent on tickets collectively! The advertised prize is worth $470 million as one lump sum winning and still worth an enormous $347 after federal taxes. Whether a taxable annuity prize or not the Mega Millions jackpot of Saturday is still one of the highest anyone has ever seen. The game even encouraged players from outside of American to enter the game by playign the Mega Millions ONline

So epic was this prize that even the most powerful man in the world had his staff trying to win the cash for his political campaign. Barack Obama’s fundraising team send a mass email to it’s supporters titled “Jackpot” that started with the words “Yea, we didn’t win either. So we’re still at it”.

The figures are certainly staggering, but now the eyes of the world turn to those three winning tickets. Who is going to claim their huge cash windfall first? Will they make themselves known publicly? The Red Bud winner has no choice but to go public, but what of the Kansas and Maryland ticket holders? One thing is for sure is that as time goes by more news will develop. Learn more about how to play Megamillions