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Australia Wednesday Lotto

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Australia Wednesday Lotto is one of the three Australian Lottery games that fall under the name “Lotto” for many parts of Australia. The draws are held every Wednesday at 11:30 CET/20:30AEDT. With ticket sales closing two hours before the draw. The game offers decent odds for winning a guaranteed $1,000,000 every week. There are often a high number of jackpot winners winning millions.

There are also decent winning odds of landing several thousand dollars, and winning more than your ticket cost back. Take part in the Australia Wednesday Lottery from the U.K, America, Canada, South Africa or almost anywhere in the world by buying a ticket online.


The Australia Wednesday Lotto began 7 years after the Australia Saturday lotto in 1979. The game began to meet the growing demand for lottery tickets; specifically in New South Wales –where the game was first originally only available. Australia Wednesday Lottery stayed in New South Wales until in 2006 when the game was brought to South and Western Australia, before in 2008 Tattersall’s starting selling Australia Wednesday lotto in almost every other territory except Queensland –where it is unavailable still unless you buy a ticket online. The largest jackpot ever won in this game was for AUS$6,000,000 won in January 2009.

How To Play

Playing Australia Wednesday Lotto is as easy as any other lottery game. It’s very similar to the popular Australia Saturday Lottery. Players choose 6 different numbers from 45. Match all 6 numbers you chose with the 6 randomly chosen numbers on a Wednesday night at 11:30 CET/20:30AEDT to win the jackpot –minimum AS$1,000,000. During the live draw 6 numbers are drawn and then an extra 2 supplementary numbers are drawn to give extra cash prize winning chances to players who don’t match all 6 numbers. Prizes can be won for matching a minimum of 3 numbers and 1 supplementary number. Often times the Australia Wednesday Lottery jackpot is won by multiple ticket holders –thanks to the decent winning odds. But each player always wins a prize of at least AS$1,000,000. You can win one of these jackpots from anywhere in the world if you buy an Australia Wednesday Lotto ticket online.


The guaranteed minimum prize for matching all six numbers is $1,000,000. This is only the minimum however and Australia Wednesday Lotto jackpots are often over that number. The jackpots are also easier to win than in a lot of larger lottery games such as OzLotto so there are often multiple jackpot winners. Luckily the Australia Wednesday Lottery guarantees a minimum jackpot prize regardless of the number of winners. There are 5 winning prize categories based on how many numbers you match. The prizes for matching just a few numbers can be worth several thousand. Prizes are awarded from a prize fund made up of a percentage of ticket sales. Below is a table containing the number matches needed to win a cash prize, the percentage of the prize fund shared by winners and an approximate cash prize you can win based on the average prizes.

Main Numbers Extra Numbers Approximate Prize
6 0 Jackpot
5 1 or 2 $15,645
5 0 $1080
4 0 $33
3 1 or 2 $16


The Australia Wednesday Lottery odds are favourable compared to other huge lottery games such as the Oz Lotto. The odds of winning work well in relation to the ticket cost and the size of the cash prizes. The odds of winning in each cash prize category are different. Below is a table of all the winning prize combinations and the odds of winning.

Main Numbers Extra Numbers Approximate Odds Of Winning
6 0 1 in 8,145,060
5 1 or 2 1 in 678,755
5 0 1 in 36,689
4 0 1 in 733
3 1 or 2 1 in 297
1 or 2 2 1 in 144