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Australia Saturday Lotto; the largest lotto in Australia. The chance to win millions is great given the relatively cheap tickets. Expect a drawing every Saturday at 11:30 CET/20:30AEDT, Oz Saturday Lotto ticket sales stop two hours before the draw. A guaranteed $4,000,000 AUS can be won from anywhere in the world since you can buy Australia Saturday Lotto tickets online.
Massive Superdraws are held several times a year with prizes ranging from 20,000,000 to 30,000,000. Keep your eye out for those big prizes. Australia Saturday Lotto offers arguably the strongest lottery game in Australia, even among big jackpot lotteries such as the Oz Lotto and Powerball.


In 1972 a license was awarded by the Victorian government of Australia to a company then known as Tattersall’s to manage a lottery game. The Australia Saturday lotto initially came into being known as the tattslotto. Tattslotto would soon leave Victoria to be syndicated across all of Australia under different names. In South Australia it’s known as X-Lotto; in New South Wales and Western Australia it’s known as Saturday Lotto. Gold lotto is the name in Queensland. Victoria Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory it retains the name Tattslotto. The prizes in this game are constantly getting bigger; in April of 2008 it awarded its largest prize of A$47.9 million.

How To Play

Play the Australia Saturday Lotto by selection 6 different numbers from 45. Make sure you buy your ticket at least 4 hours before each drawing held on Saturday at 11:30 CET/20:30AEDT; that’s when ticket sales close until next Saturday. The draw is televised live at that time but you can find Australia Saturday Lotto results live on site within minutes of the drawing. In the drawing 8 numbers are actually chosen at random (not six), the extra numbers are supplementary numbers chosen to provide better prizes to players who don’t match all 6 numbers. Match all your numbers for a jackpot in the millions. Matching at least 2 numbers will win you an Australia Saturday Lotto cash prize. The jackpot is usually won each week –with such great winning odds there are often 2 or 3 people winning millions every week. In the event that the jackpot isn’t won in any week the value of the prize will rollover to be won in the next week – this can happen continuously; the highest rollover jackpot won was for AS47.9 Million.


The Australia Saturday Lotto top prize is a guaranteed $4,000,000AUS, which is usually won, sometimes there are multiple million dollar winners every week! The prize can even be won tax free from outside of Australia in places like Canada, Europe and South Africa by purchasing a ticket online.

There are multiple prize categories for matching less than 6 numbers. All prizes awarded from a cash prize fund created from a percentage of ticket sales, the prize fund can be no less than 55% of the money taken in Austrlia Saturday lotto ticket sales. Each prize category is assigned a percentage of the prize fund and winners within that prize category share that money. Below is a list of the number matches that win cash prizes, the odds of winning that prize, the percentage of the prize fund given to that category as well as an average cash prize per player.

Main Numbers Supplementary Number Percentage Of Prize Fund Average Prize
6 0 28% Jackpot
5 1 or 2 3.8% €8,548
5 0 8.2% €922
4 0 12.4% €26
3 1 or 2 20.8% €16
1 or 2 2 26.8% €9


The odds of winning the Australia Saturday lotto are relatively good compared to the ticket cost, the size of the prize and the odds of winning similar jackpot prizes in other lottery games from any country. Below is the odds of winning making the number matches for one of the 6 cash prizes available each draw.

Main Numbers Supplementary Number Approximate Odds of Winning
6 0 28%
5 1 or 2 3.8%
5 0 8.2%
4 0 12.4%
3 1 or 2 20.8%
1 or 2 2 26.8%

Buy Australia Saturday Lotto Tickets Online

Play the Australia Saturday Lotto online by purchasing your ticket from The Lotter; they are currently the only site that offer Australia Saturday Lotto tickets online. You can purchase tickets (and win prizes) from almost anywhere in the world such as Canada, England and South Africa.

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