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The newest entry to the lottery community is the EuroJackpot. The EuroJackpt has an almost identical play style and prize structure to the EuroMillions and is created from the combined efforts of multiple European nations. As you would expect from a pan-European lottery game the EuroJackpot offers a massive cash jackpot every draw as well as multiple other great prizes. What sets the EuroJackpot aside from the EuroMillions are the dramatically improved odds of a jackpot win.

In fact the odds of winning the EuroJackpot top prize are almost twice as good as winning the EuroMillions top prize – 1 in 59,325,280 against 1 in 116,531,800. For such great odds the EuroJackpot also offers a €10,000,000 tax free prize every draw which can be won from almost anywhere in the world if you buy your ticket online!


The initial idea for the EuroJackpot was devised by the West German Lottery company who organise Lotto games in Germany. In September 2011 West German Lottery brought together a group of nations for meeting in Amsterdam to discuss the possibility of creating a second Pan-European lottery game to rival the EuroMillions. Agreements were reached to conduct the EuroJackpot and 6 months later on March 23rd the first EuroJackpot live draw was conducted in Helsinki. Currently the nations participating in the EuroJackpot are Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, The Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden and Italy -where the game is especially popular.

How To Play

The EuroJackpot rules are nearly identical to those of the EuroMillions. As a simple lottery draw game players select numbers and match them against the results of the live draw to win cash prizes. When purchasing a EuroJackpot ticket you play by selecting 5 different numbers from a field of 1-50 and 2 different “Euro Numbers” from a field of 1-8. With your 5 main numbers and 2 Euro Numbers you have a EuroJackpot entry. You must then catch the draw which is held once each week on a Friday live in Helsinki at 00:45 – GMT +3 hours.

When the draw occurs 5 balls are randomly selected from 50 numbered balls in 1 machine. The 2 Euro Numbers are also randomly selected in this way. If you match all 5 main numbers and 2 Euro Numbers you choose with the numbers in the EuroJackpot result for that draw then you win the jackpot. Other great cash prizes can be won for matching fewer numbers.

Live Draw

Below is a video example of how the EuroJackpot live draw works.


The EuroJackpot offer a wide range of generous cash prizes paid on a parimutuel basis from a prize fund created from a percentage of the ticket sales. Parimutuel prizes means that each player shares a percentage of the prize fund with other players in the same category -including the jackpot. Parimutuel prizes in a game usually mean that the more tickets are sold the bigger the prizes awarded and to more people.

Below is a complete table of all the winning EuroJackpot number matches, the percentage of the prize fund given and an average cash prize won by each player.

Main Numbers Euro Number Percentage Of Prize Fund Average Prize
5 2 22% Jackpot
5 1 5% €231,465
5 0 1.3% €57,684
4 2 1.2% €5,153
4 1 0.95% €245.13
4 0 0.6% €117.93
3 2 0.85% €57.60
3 1 4.1% €20.73
2 2 3.45% €15.78
3 0 3.6% €14.08
1 2 12% €10.25
2 1 22.95% €7.73

You will notice that the prize percentages only add up to a total of 78%. The remaining 22% of the prize fund is put aside for the EuroJackpot boosterfund. This booster fund is used to make sure that the €10,000,000 jackpot minimum can always be awarded to winners regardless of ticket sales.


As with all multi-prize lotto games the EuroJackpot has different chances of winning in each prize category. It is noteworthy to point out that the EuroJackpot has far superior jackpot winning odds for its €10,000,000 minimum prize compared to any other lottery that offers huge multi-million jackpots.

Main Numbers Euro Numbers Approximate Odds Of Winning
5 2 1 in 59,325,280
5 1 1 in 4,943,773
5 0 1 in 3,955,019
4 2 1 in 263,668
4 1 1 in 21,972
4 0 1 in 17,578
3 2 1 in 5,992
3 1 1 in 499
2 2 1 in 418
3 0 1 in 399
1 2 1 in 80
2 1 1 in 35

Buy EuroJackpot Tickets Online

Thanks to the instant popularity of this game tickets are on sale online and you can win EuroJackpot prizes from almost anywhere in the world.

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