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The Irish Lottery is hugely popular as Ireland’s lotto game. With a minimum €2,000,000 to win every Wednesday and Saturday –tax free with a lottery ticket online. There’s a great fixed cash prize for the minimum number match and a bonus number in the draw gives you great winning odds.

This page is for Irish Lotto information. Want to play Irish lottery online? Buy a ticket online from almost anywhere in the world –South Africa, Canada, Australia etc. You can win an Ireland Lotto jackpot online.


The Irish Lottery history has been complex and ever changing. Since the beginning of Ireland’s lottery in 1988 the lotto rules have changed 3 times. The original game had relatively small jackpots worth hundreds of thousands every Saturday, with a 6/36 game. In 1990 a second Irish Lottery draw was introduced on a Wednesday. In May 1992 the Irish Lotto was beaten by a syndicate who spend roughly €950,000 on tickets in an attempt to buy every combination.

The Irish Lottery was changed later that year to a 6/39 game, with a brand new bonus number. The modern lotto in Ireland was devised in 2006 as a response to low ticket sales. The game changed into a 6/45 game with bonus number. This new style would invigorate the game with extra prize categories, a sweet fixed €5 prize for the lowest number match, €2,000,000 minimum jackpot guarantee each week and the Irish Lotto’s biggest jackpot of over €16.7 million. The lottery of Ireland was previously only available in Ireland, but now you can play the Irish Lotto online today from anywhere in the world.

How To Play

The Irish Lottery rules make the game easy to play. Choose 6 numbers from a field of 1-45. Buy your ticket at least 2 hours before the draw on either a Wednesday or a Saturday at 19:00 GMT. During the draw 6 main numbers are selected from the 45, an extra bonus number is drawn from the same 45 –to help non-jackpot winners get another cash prize. Play the Irish Lotto and you can win a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €2,000,000. You also win a guaranteed Irish Lottery prize of €5 for matching just main 3 numbers. Buy Irish lottery tickets online at one of three agents that deal the tickets online to players all over the world.

Live Draw

Below is a video example of how the Irish lotto live draw works.


Two Irish lottery prizes are fixed amounts, the rest are pari-mutuel. This means that winners in each prize category share a percentage of a prize fund -made up of 52% of gross ticket sales. Irish lottery jackpot prizes start at a guaranteed €2,000,000 twice each week (shared amongst all jackpot winners), this prize rolls over in any draw where it is not won. There are great winning chances for a guaranteed €5 prize. Below is a complete table of Irish Lotto prizes, including winning number matches, minimum percentage of the prize fund given to each category and even an average cash prize for the pari-mutuel winners.

Main Numbers Bonus Number Percentage Of Prize Fund Average Prize
6 0 46.15% Jackpot Minimum €2,000,000
5 1 2.36% * €25,000 fixed
5 0 5.38% €1,629
4 1 1.35% €159
4 0 8.30% €50
3 1 5.53% €26
3 2 13.28% €5

17.65% of Ireland’s Lotto prize fund each week is kept in reserve to ensure that all winners can always be paid out.
* If there are more than 100 winners in this category then €2.5 million is divided among the winners instead.


The Irish Lottery odds are all displayed here. The game offers reasonable jackpot winning odds for the minimum €2,0000,000. The Irish Lotto odds become very favourable when the jackpot is over €10,000,000 – don’t miss one of these draws. Your overall chance to win any prize in Ireland’s Lottery is 1 in 42. Below is a complete table of all winning number matches and the approximate odds.

Main Numbers Bonus Number Approximate Odds Of Winning
6 0 1 in 8,145,060
5 1 1 in 1,357,510
5 0 1 in 35,724
4 1 1 in 14,290
4 0 1 in 772
3 1 1 in 579
3 0 1 in 48

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