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Be the Architect of your Own Fate- By Winning the Austria Lotto

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Until the year 1985, the lotteries in Austria were zero but later Toto Lotto Planning Company was organized which introduced the lottery games to the Austrians. Initially, the lottery games introduced by the company were Letter Lottery, Sport Toto, Small Number lottery, class lottery and number lottery but later there were many new games introduced like the ToiToiToi, Bingo, Joker, WINWINWIN, Rubbellos, and Toto. The Austrian Lotto was a traditional draw style game that was first introduced in the year 1986. The drawings of this game occur twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays at evening times.

The normal method of playing the game is by choosing six numbers out of a range of numbers 1 to 49. To hit the jackpot, the player needs to match the six numbers with the lucky numbers. There are also four other methods to win this lottery game like matching 2, 3, 4, or five numbers and get cash prizes. The player could also use the QuickPick method to pick the random numbers. The initial prize amount of the Austrian Lotto is about 8.14 million. And this prize amount gets rolled over to the consecutive draw when it is not won by any player in a game.

Since the drawings of this game occur twice a week and also the jackpot amount gets rolled over every time it is not won, the players have numerous opportunities to win the huge jackpot amount. There are many strategies and tricks to choose the right winning combination for the game. Try to gather the past winning record numbers to get a good idea about choosing the lucky numbers. Try to choose numbers based on the combinations of odd-even numbers, hot-cold numbers, and high-low numbers, but always remember avoid choosing numbers in a sequence. These combinations work a lot of times for the players.

The odds of winning the Austria Lotto game are very high when compared with the other lotteries of Austria. For every player, there are two chances in a week which improves the probabilities of winning. The odds of winning the first prize is about 1 in 8.14 million and for the second prize, the chances of winnings are 1 in 1.35 million and for the third prize, it is 1 in 34,808 and the odds of winning fourth prize are 1 in 733 and finally for getting the fifth prize, the chances of winnings are 1 in 45. The jackpot prize amount is paid in lump sum cash amount to the winners.

Earlier, the Austria Lotto was limited only to the citizens and the residents of Austria but at present, the game is open to the entire globe. The players can participate in the game and win the jackpot by playing online. But make sure, you purchase the lottery tickets online through an authorized lottery dealer since there are many scams around. No matter wherever you live in the globe, you can play the game with your debit or credit card, the only restriction is that people under 18 years cannot participate in this lottery game.