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The UK Lotto is the biggest national lottery game in the UK. Alongside several other popular choices Lotto is the main game. Played twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can play the UK Lotto online; this is hugely advantageous as all prizes are won in British Pounds –which are at the moment more valuable than other currencies.
The UK Lotto odds of winning aren’t the best (VS other national lotteries), but with 5 prize categories and a guaranteed minimum jackpot of £2.2 twice each week, UK Lotto has become popular in place like Canada, South Africa, Australia and anywhere else people purchase tickets online.


Compared with other national lottery games, the UK lotto history started slow, with the first UK lotto draw being held in 1996. This followed multiple changes to government legislation beginning in 1934 and ending 62 years later in 1994 when the UK government awarded a license to the Camelot Group to operate a national game. The first UK Lottery draw held on November 19th 1994 saw 7 lucky jackpot winners share £5,874,778 –an excellent jackpot at the time. The game has remained quite the same since its creation, except for the introduction of a bonus ball, and a name change from “UK National Lottery” to simply “Lotto”. The biggest UK Lotto jackpot was for £42 million, this was won in 1996 on January 6th.

How To Play

UK Lotto rules are simple; play uk lottery by selecting 6 different numbers from a field of 1-49. When the draw is held on a Wednesday or Saturday 6 main numbers are selected at random, a 7th bonus number is also selected to help players who only match 5 numbers. Match all 6 main numbers for a UK Lottery jackpot win. Match at least 3 main numbers for any cash prize. When you play UK lotto online there are options for system entries to increase your winning chances.

In any draw where the lottery jackpot is not won its value in the prize fund will be held and added to the next jackpot prize fund. This is called a rollover and it can only occur a maximum of four times in the UK Lotto.

Live Draw


The UK Lotto prizes are some of the best in the world from any national lottery. This is in part due to the strength of the British currency. A Canadian or Australian winning a UK lottery jackpot will enjoy a much more valuable prize than their own national lottery top prize. Equally so the minimum prize for matching just three numbers is £10 –excellent value for the ticket cost. Apart from the lowest prize all the other prizes are pari-mutuel: winners in each prize category share a percentage of a prize fund. Below is a table of all winning UK lottery number combinations, the percentage of the prize fund for each category, and an average cash prize each player can hope to win.

Main Numbers Bonus Number Percentage of Prize Fund Average Cash Prize Per Winner
6 0 52% Jackpot
5 1 16% £111,269
5 0 10% £1,612
4 0 22% £57
3 0 Fixed Prize £10


UK Lotto Odds are a little harder to crack than other national lotteries of a similar size. It’s the hardest lottery in the UK to win, but offers the most favourable prizes. The overall odds of winning any cash prize in the UK lotto are 1 in 54.

Main Numbers Bonus Number Approximate Odds Of Winning
6 0 1 in 13,983,815
5 1 1 in 2,330,635
5 0 1 in 55,490
4 0 1 in 1,031
3 0 1 in 56

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